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Perth Nanny having fun with a boy in her care



Your Trusted Nanny Recruitment Agency - Welcome!

Helping busy business owners, career-driven professionals and full-time home heroes find the perfect nanny for your family.

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Finding and screening nannies for your home can be a time-consuming and relentless task – but not anymore.


Perth Nannies is your perfect solution – finding qualified nannies in Perth is our specialty.


Take comfort in knowing each candidate has been personally interviewed by us and selected specifically based on you and your family’s needs, taking the stress out of the employment process.


Experience peace of mind knowing that only qualified, career nannies are presented as potential candidates to your family.  All nannies are suitably trained and experienced in caring for children (as if they were their own), so that you can focus on what you need to. 

We're a family,

looking for the perfect nanny


I’m a nanny,

looking for the perfect family


Why Perth Nannies?

Simplifying the search for your family’s perfect nanny

Connecting time poor parents with experienced, professional Perth nannies, giving you peace of mind knowing your children and home are well cared for.

About Us

Perth Nannies takes the stress out of finding the right nanny for you and your family

You can relax… all of the hard work is taken care of. We’re busy behind the scenes finding and screening your new nanny. 

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